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>> i cannot think feet president has been spoken like that in the last four years. >> the real test for the
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candidates comes on november 6th. >> yours from last night debate say that there was a clear winner in the majority say that it was met from may. the seat and apple say that 47 percent of the registered voters say that he had victory. over 40 percent also said that president obama also won. wall, watching parties were around the bay area. supporters for the president reggie kumar was at the scene at the temple and nightclub in san francisco. >> 600 people packed double byte club wednesday evening to watch president obama. - watching at the temple nightclubs. organizers say that this is one of the largest of debates in the
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country. everybody believes that they will support president obama to be reelected. i think that men from the came out strong and out. and he did a good job of bringing the specific differences. >> he stood up and answered questions, delicately. and >> i think that i would want to know about the education and i think that most were generally vague. >> i think mr. perot did a good a job. mitt romney -- did a good job. -these
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debating parties were also held with viewing parties with from supporters in the east bay. >> there was a lot of focus on the economy and creating jobs. >> what is going on and i think that he will do well. >> as far as how he did with president obama?
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>> i think that there is a certain level of president obama is uncomfortable throwing him for a loop. >> much more on politics coming up. let us turn our attention with weather, f traffic. >> good morning. we are looking at decent conditions but not quite that cool down. with low clouds and fog and breezy. we could see that it is along the coast. those clouds are expected to come right back and. tracking that on fog tracker 4. with clouds right now and it will clear out but by 10:00 a.m. still along the coast. and making its way into the overnight hour. with temperatures in the 60s in san francisco. san jose, oakland. and 59.
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currently to the livermore valley. and starting in the south bay. 80s and los gatos and for the missmost portion 60s with 70's for san jose. the inland areas could see more of 80s but upper 70's for walnut creek. 70's for the east bay shore. and low 60s for ocean beach. and into the north bay mid 70's. as we take a look your kron 4 7 day around the bay we will see a cool down. a, because some she costa.and mid- >> would not have any hot spots to called about. they could drive so far with no accidents. in fact you can see easy conditions. and no metering lights to deal with. traffic is at top
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speeds. westbound 5 paid 0. and for people using the nimitz. at feet-580 westbound. and at the san mateo westbound. traffic is moving about equal. and as we take it over to the golden gate bridge. no issues to contend with. on the traffic maps let me show you in the east bay no problems through the tunnel or through the macarthur maze. and also the 86 in burton's looking decent. >> a quick check
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>>pam: bay area sports fan are in baseball heaven. the oakland a's. and the american league west with reactions from players and the oakland a's. rallying. and 12-5 = final score. it was an emotional game and emotional day yesterday. at the oakland coliseum. we will have a lot more on that route this morning. also in the south bay it was emotional for a family that was burglarized on monday for the second time in recent months. apparently, they stole the family dog.
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also with jewelry, and electronics and this is a $6,000 reward for this san jose puppy. they took part of our heart this time. and as soon as we found out. and how my going to tell my 10 year old. what mother once to tell their children that part of their life has been taken away. and i cannot do anything about it. >> he is in six months old yorkie mixture most of that reward money is put up by fire fighters and police. antioch police are warning drivers. where this is happening.
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>> antioch police say a man went to the hospital last thursday around thursday because he thought that he was shot in the arm and the east bay with dangerous objects being thrown at cars from a freeway overpass. oakland police department the hospital last thursday are around 10:00 p.m. because he thought he was shot in the arm while driving on highway no. 4. as it turns out it was a foreign object through his windshield. somebody threw this off of the bridge. a short time later there was another attack with a woman reported that her
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windshield was shattered. this object was thrown from the overpass and again on monday night. this time an ambulance was damaged with another flying object. they do not know who is doing this but they are concerned about the random and possibly deadly attacks. on this day there were rolling down the highway at the speed limit. the overpass has a chain link fence but on either side it opening for somebody to get through. the police department is taking this very seriously. they have increased patrols in the area so far there are no suspects but they're hoping to catch whoever did this before it happens again.
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@ñ >> 4:15. pretty clear out there with a nice day yesterday. let us see what is going on out there today. cooler but that sea breeze will usher and. and it will continue to cool off for this weekend. as we go for this week and a chance of showers in the forecast. with widespread 60s indicated by the light blue. and as we go towards 9:00 a.m. 60s for the inland areas. by noon, the 70's are
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indicated by the yellow. the afternoon highs will be into the 60s, the 70's in the warmer areas will be in the livermore and inland areas. by 8:00 a.m. temperatures will be in the 50s. however, we will take a look at your high temperatures with 70's and los gatos. and also palo alto and low 80s to antioch, livermore. of for 70's and concord, and for the east bay. upper 60s in downtown san francisco. 76 degrees throughout san mateo and ocean beach. low mid 70's for the north bay. with your kron 4 7 day around the bay the weekend and the chance of showers 5 monday. and to tuesday. and 4:15. >> good morning. and we have seen a new accident southbound 1 0 1. at the
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caesar jobless. i do not have any lane information but the seas surf-- chave caesar as we take a look at the bridges. no problems to the bay bridge toll plaza still pretty light in this area with no backup at the pay gates. and the estimated drive times of under nine minutes. towards fremont street. a good drive with no issues. westbound looking decent through foster city. and southbound 1 0 1 with no issues of visibility. the overnight construction. northbound 101. fruit marin county. and we are not seeing any delays. through-. county. also looking decent on these interstate 280 so
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cruising through cupertino. the roadways sensors between mountain view. these ithelma police are investigating another homicide. this was after the 2300 block and east san jose. this officer was involved with this shooting was gang-related. it is the 36th homicide in san jose for this year and also in vallejo. this was after a police stand off right around 6:00 p.m. this is video. and when authorities arrived two victim's were suffering from gunshot wounds. and they both died. there was a hostage situation. he
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surrendered to police about 45 minutes later. this is the 12th and 13th homicide in vallejo this year. the measure of deputies involved in a shooting near caltran. and he was shot with non- life threatening injuries. the san jose police department is currently investigating. it happened at 5:00 p.m. the deputy was trope noticin that this man was acting erratically. and after noticing and following him. he threatened to move toward him. >> at one extent he was throwing things of the officers. that is going to be passed out for the interviews. what exactly provoked the officer and if his safety was in jeopardy or the officers of their safety was in jeopardy.
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>> this shooting cause several train delays that things are back on time this morning >> the family of high school student is getting their first look at the official report of what happened. lumber " shot in the month of may. the 18 year-old pointed a gun at them. they had no choice but to open fire. and the police report raises some serious questions about that shooting. >> it is pretty clear given the physical evidence that no shots were fired. and no gunshot residue in the gun was not found near him. whoever made that statement was clearly wrong. oakland police chief releasing this statement that says we have some of this that " this release is not intended to address all criticism and questions but he.... that is
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the latest. and in the meantime the oakland police are under fire from the people that have the court mandated report reform. and they will ask for a federal takeover of the department. >> for over nine years the oakland police department has been under court order to implement a laundry list of reforms. >> there is racial profiling. this identification of problem officers those are all tasks that are still not in compliance after nine years. and the attorneys cestuses citizens cannot wait any longer. >> people are dying. -- saying that the citizens cannot wait any longer. the department is not being run
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properly. we cannot wait for another part occupy oakland. >> he will file court papers asking a federal judge to appoint someone to enforce and run the oakland police apartment. >> i would describe him or her as the enforcer of reforms to >> not one person on the incident. >> this is systemic, a cultural problem. it is not being addressed by the city. not being addressed by this to the administrator or the city council. were the mayor. where most of all by the police department. >> what does the city of oakland have to say about this? we contacted the police department and they referred us to the city department and in the mayor's office and the referred us to the city attorney's office. we asked
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them is this the implementing this court mandated reform? they have only said that they plan on opposing any takeover of the oakland police department. oakland city hall, dan kerman, kron 4. >> still ahead is common knowledge that tanning beds cause cancer but now a new study that something we did not know if that information, coming up.
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>> my grandmother helped to raise me and my grandfather a while become. my. my grandmother died. she worked her way up only had a high school education started as a secretary ended up being the vice president of a local bank. and she ended up living alone by choice. and the reason she could be independent because of social security and medicare. >> apologized in a later post from the same twitter account they didn't explain how that
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tweet ended up being posted in the first place. mitt romney's comment about big bird and pbs are ruffling some feathers he told anchor and debate moderator that he would cut federal funding for pbs which would put the casts of sesame workers out of work. they voiced support for big bird. some even created i should say a facebook page called big bird from president. at 4:37 we'll take a quick break. we've got much more straight ahead, so stick around. we've got a lot to show you as you make your approach westbound traffic light as you would expect at this very hour.
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>> we're back at 4:239. you can see investigators are still here they brought out their mobile command here. this murder took place at around 12:30 in the morning so about four hours ago. now some group of men were
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here. we're not sure if they lived there or happened to hang out here late last night, all of a sudden shots rang out. we do know that the person who was shot died at the scene. it's early on in the investigation but the police believe this might possibly be gang related. now, it's been a very busy night for homicide investigators because four hours before this murder, there bc from san jose state university, that appears to be a fight between two men. when the police officers arrived they found one man there just unconscious not breathing they don't believe the two are connected. as far as that murder, the one two blocks from san jose state university. at this point they don't know what happened there so they're not calling it gang related for whatever reason it didn't take them long to come out and call them one gang related. investigators are still here. hopefully we'll get an interview with them in a couple of minutes. 36 murder. two murders one night, back to you, james. >> very good. well thank you for that. we've got to take a quick break. we'll be back with more headlines in just a minute. again, we'll get a complete check of the forecast coming up and commute check with erica too in just a minute.
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>> excisement is here in the bay area, military and all the ships and everything else get beginning to trickle in just a few hours late but yesterday the uss make an island huge aircraft carrier is finally dock appeared 30 at san francisco. it's 2500, it carries for 2500 soldiers and marines, they volunteered to take part in a variety of community related projects. and they've also volunteer today clean up area parks and trails and beaches so they're doing some real good stuff here while they're in town. of course we showed you the blue angels arriving at sfo and now one of their own got the hot -- they take a ride with the precision flying team.
4:45 am
grant was giving us yesterday afternoon, but it wasn't the only one. captain, you see him there suiting up. yeah, he's that danville pilot. you know him. he landed the u.s. airways flight safely back in the hudson river. he was there he flew the flighter jets in the air force in 1970s it was like being a kid all over again when he got to suit up. then it was grants turn, there you see him getting briefed, walking up the little ladder there to get the cockpit. he took grant through the whole thing and really put him through the ringer. we've got 6.2gs. we hit it on the take off which is pretty good. we hit 6.2 in the break coming back here. you fought it off. you stayed awake the whole time that was good. we did break the speed of sound so we went mock 1.03 so how many people in the world can say that's done that's pretty good too. there's a lot more where that
4:46 am
came from later on on the kron4 news we're going to have more from captain silly and greaten as well so they'll be kind of fun. we'll be bringing you live play by play of the blue angels aromatic show as they perform all those stunts over san francisco. blue angels live sponsored by jeep will be seen right here on kron4. we'll have giving you all the highlights walking you through it as it happens at october 6 at 3:00 p.m. now we have yesterday's weather, we also have weather over the weekend that everybody is concerned about, good morning. >> good morning to you, james, well, a cool down continues. wear waking up to widespread low clouds this morning. we're going to continue to see that fog along the coast as well as much cooler temperatures and a chance of showers as we start your next. taking a look at fog tracker 4 you can see all the clouds out there right now. and then by about 10:00 a.m. it's going to be sitting over
4:47 am
the bay, a lot of the north bay and much of the coast it's going to peel back to the coast and still hugging it throughout the afternoon and pushing its way right back in into the overnight hours. temperatures we're still seeing those upper 50s across it back there san francisco 59. about 58 currently through santa rosa. and then as we set the clock ahead to about 9:00 a.m. we're going to start to see some of the 60 indicated by the green color by noontime. ash highs look like we're gong to be topping out at 60s for the coast as well. 70s and maybe some 80s and then temperatures dipping down to about 50s by about 8:00 this evening. sticking to the afternoon highs take a look at them. low 70s, up. 80s on the board through places like antioch as well as liver moore. and pittsburgh, upper 60s for al immediate da.
4:48 am
afternoon about mid-60s for downtown san francisco. low 60s for ocean beach and a mix of low to mid-70s. 74 degrees santa rosa and 76 for napa this afternoon as we take a look at seven day around the bay showing us we're doing to continue to feel that cool down into the weekend. when monday rolls around we do have a chance of showers in the forecast. time right now it's 4:48 let's get a check on your traffic. >> don't have any hot spots, it's really the perfect time to leave your house because it's quiet out there no problems on the freeways. here as you approach the toll plaza, we're seeing more cars on the road so the volume has increased out of oakland into the city. still no lights to deal with. we're seeing smooth sailing up the incline and pushing closer. here at bridge definitely more jell lights than when we started this hour. traffic increasing heading westbound outdoors still not seeing any delays in getting to the bridge coming down at the freeway and here at the golden
4:49 am
gate bridge life look does show, no problems with disability, it looks like we're seeing lots of space between cars for those of you coming out. that drive just 23 minutes out of nevada into the city. here on our traffic maps, the east shore freeway, no problems to alert you to there. we are keeping a close eye on highway 4, usually one of the first spots to slow down around the bay area, still seeing a lot of green on our roadway sensor, pretty much the same story coming over thement ma and passed out of tracy coming from 205 approaching downtown livermore this hour. in the south bay northbound is a -- at that 87 interchange and northbound 85 is a clear shot through mountain view. as for public transit you are good to go. no delays to speak of for ac transit bart or a string.
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>> it's going to be whatever we're talking about at work today when we get to work, school wherever you're going to be this will be on the lips of everybody. the as winning yesterday, taking the american league west championship title for the first time since '06 they needed to sweep the texas ringers and they did just that. oakland was down for a while 5- 1. they came roaring back in time to win it all 12-5 was the final score. fans incidentally celebrated late into the night last night. spoke to very excited fans about the post season future for their team. >> the celebration didn't end at o. d.o.t. coliseum hours after the final pitch, thousands packed the parking lot here down the street in oakland ecstatic over the victory. >> i've been waiting all my life for something like that, you know, watching it back in 2009 i was never at the game, but this time i was at the game
4:51 am
and saw the whole celebration in maybe the last 3 days it's been remarkable. >> how far can they go. >> all the way, baby, we'll be here in october, all of october, it's all the way, as all the way. >> how sweet is it being guaranteed at least three games instead of that one game play for all elimination game. >> oh, man, i'm definitely going into a home playoff game for sure. >> i experience history right now, i'm excited. >> how special is it to be a part of that. >> i was in right field bleachers, i saw everything, everyone around me is throwing out sodas and water. it brought tears to my eyes it was amaze. >> all year 90100 gangs and really believed in the as -- except for the as players and us. just being there, i had to be a part of it today and it was just something special you'll make magic happen all year. >> there's no question that the fans were into this. on friday night against the seattle mariners opening up the final home stand of the regular
4:52 am
season just a shade over 16,000 fans turned out. but on wednesday afternoon more than 36,000. in oakland, if -- kron4 news. >> well, the giants taking on the dodgers last night. buster posey was 0-2 in a 5-1 loss. still ran away. it was a batting title. posey finished regular season with a .336 average. he's the first catcher to leave the nl. he's been hitting since 19426789 the giants also learned -- they will open the post season in a home game this coming saturday against the reds. cincinnati coming to town we'll see them at at&t park along with everything else. the detroit tigers first baseman received a standing ovation as he became the first player to achieve the triple crown. he received that distinction with a .330 batting average, 44
4:53 am
home runs and 139r.b. i. we'll take a break. it is 4:52, back with more in just a minute.
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>> with we're back wrapper nicki minaj seem today have problems. put rumors abher relationship with katie holmes to rest. today's hollywood minute. >> video obtained by tmz shows rapper nicki minaj cursing. it happened during auditions in charlotte, north carolina on tuesday. tmz the feud was over a contestants performance. reps have been closed lips. ryan see crest said there was a
4:56 am
very heated intense argument toward the end of the day. he said the producers called it a day despite a few contestants remaining. singer has reason to celebrate but hoodie and blow fish front man was invited into it. rubber was performing on the stage when fellow musician and friend brad pausely surprised him with the news. he's slated to be inducted on october 16th. >> nicole kid man is putting rumors to rest. she didn't cancel katie holmes after her recent split with tom cruise. she clarified she's never spoken to katie holmes about the divorce but wish them both all the best. for hollywood minutes i'm martha shay. >> all right. still ahead on the kron4 morning news we'll get a complete check of weather. 81 today. so a lot milder than it was when we started the week, at least for inland highs as we head into the weekend in time for fleet week we'll be breaking that forecast for you coming up. still ahead in the news we have president obama and gop nominee mitt romney face to face in their first presidential debate. we're going to recap some of
4:57 am
the highlights from denver coming up. the as if you haven't heard already they won the als title. they took on the rangers. they swept up. it was a sweet victory yesterday we're going to have highlights on that coming up as well. it's here. the ships have begun to arrive including the uss macon huge aircraft carrier. a lot of the sailors are doing a lot of great things. we'll explore that in a little more detail coming up.
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a big change in the weather. >> a dramatic change in the forecast, the fog really rolled in yesterday afternoon and affected all of our coastal communities. dealing with widespread low clouds, it's a chilly start to the morning and we're looking at upper 70s at best. changes ahead. we have some sprinkles in the forecast. i'll highlight what's on tap for the week coming up. the traffic looking good on the freeway this morning, but there's a bart delay. we are just learning that there's a piece of maintenance that is stuck on the tracks in oakland and that accounts for delays heading to san francisco which is a major commute direction from the bay.
5:01 am
it's slowing on the fremont l ine. the first presidential debate now in the books and in a con tenuous but not overly hostile affair. they traded some jabs on how to bring jobs back to america and domestic issues. one of the issues that did seem to prompt a heated exchange was tax cuts, cuts for higher income americans. >> i will not reduce the share by individuals. it's a popular thing to say with a lot of people, it's not the case. i got 5 boys, i'm used to people saying something that is not always true but keeps on repeating it and ultimately h oping i believe it. that's not i will not reduce the taxes paid by high income americans. >> for 18 months, he's been r unning on this tax plan and now 5 weeks before the election, he's saying that his big bold
5:02 am
idea is nevermind. the fact is, if you are lowering the rates the way you describe, governor, it's not possible to come up with enough deductions and loopholes that only affect individuals without burdening the middle class. >> according to the most recent poll, 67% of americans believe it was mitt romney who won the debate last night. that's compared to 25% who thought president obama came out on top. the poll only asked about 430 registered voters. they asked who they thought won the debate and 54% said president obama was the winner with 29% of the vote going to mitt romney. 6% believe it was a tie. 5% didn't care. hundreds of people attended watch parties in the bay area to listen to the presidential
5:03 am
debate. 600 people packed a nightclub last night and watched the debate on four jumbo screens while everyone at the party supports president obama, some say they wanted more detailed answers from president obama. >> i think that mitt came out of it stronger in the beginning than we expected. i think things started to even out and they did a good job of bringing up specific d ifferences. >> i think that romney touted figures and numbers they p romised. >> i think i want him to know about the educational system and how we are going to make a difference improving over the next few years and both of them are generally vague. the globe was at capacity. they say it was one of the largest debate-watching parties in the country. we'll have more on the watch party for the gop nominee
5:04 am
coming up at 5:30. and there will be two more presidential debates too. the next one more of a town hall style format with opportunities for members of the audience to ask questions and there's a debate for the vice presidential candidate has well at a chance for joe biden to go toe to toe. that's on october 11th. stay with us as we continue our coverage of decision 2012 and the debates we have more coverage on our web site. you can see the entire debate there and we invite you to chime in on the debate on our facebook page and twitter. the oakland athletics with a win. after rallying from a deficit, they beat texas 12-5 sweeping the series and the a's are now alone in first place in the
5:05 am
american league west for first time all season. the first sell out crowd made the difference and put the a's up 7-5 with the dropped ball in center field yesterday. the a's do something that has never been done. they come back from 5 games down in the american league west. they did it with nine left. >> our solo reporter is live now at the coliseum with more on the a's. >> good morning. sunday real will -- came and started to beat texas with it over the head and winning the american league west for the first time in a long time.
5:06 am
came back with five down. an unbelievable story. it's probably the best story in all of baseball. now because of the win y esterday, winning the division, that means they're going to head to detroit. here's a list of the schedule for the next couple days in p layoff baseball. the oakland a's head to detroit and play on saturday pacific time. we know they're going to play on sunday, we don't know what time they will play and they finally come back here on tuesday and will play tuesday. there's another game on wednesday and thursday if n eeded. they are guaranteed at least that game on tuesday here at o .com. this is the first time since 2003 that both teams will be in the playoff. >> there's talk about the
5:07 am
american league manager of the year. do you think he's wrapped it up? >> that's going to be tough for anybody but bob to win it. they were talking about a hundred losses for the a's, their entire starting rotation, it's going to be hard to give it to anybody except bob. the giants playoff's schedule for you as we look at the giants with two home games to start off the playoffs taking on cincinnati for the games saturday and sunday. okay. we'll have that for you later. dan hurd: when i was a child, california was a leader in education funding.
5:08 am
5:09 am
erika derry: and the fact that california isn't making it a priority frustrates me. dan hurd: i'm ashamed of that, and i don't want this to continue for my daughter. brenda kealing: prop 38 is going to bring a lot of money to our schools.
5:10 am
suzan solomon: the money stays at the school site. cade derry: what i would really like to see is that the teachers... that were laid off come back to the school. navaz hurd: a smaller class size. navaz hurd: as a mom i want that. as a teacher i want that. prop 38 is an opportunity of a generation. police are investigating two homicides overnight. that marked the 35th and 36th homicide in the city this year. from the scene of the most recent homicide, it occurred this morning. >> reporter: around 12:30 this
5:11 am
morning. investigators are still here. i just got done talking to the victim's friend. he said they were just having a birthday barbecue and all of a sudden three or four guys in masks, bandannas shot his friend and then he tells everyone else exactly what happened. but when they ran out there, they didn't get a look at the guys. but that's a description they were given. it was the 36th murder. they don't know the suspect's description at this time but they believe it is gang- related. the people i talked to, they are saying there's no reason for these guys to shoot at them. they're not gang members. it was simply a barbecue. they had music going low at the time. four hours before this murder, there was a state by saint jose
5:12 am
university. there was a state by saint jose university. we'll have reactions coming [ male announcer ] citibank's app for ipad makes it easy for anne to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank. share everything by turning your smartphone into a mobile hotspot for up to 8 wifi-enabled devices at no extra charge. like the new droid razr m by motorola only $99.99. ♪ ♪
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you're looking at the bay bridge in the westbound direction and traffic here looks great. no problems as you head towards the macarthur maze or from it and across the upper deck. the san mateo bridge okay but
5:17 am
likely to experience delays later because of the construction. for the golden gate ride, you're problem-free 100 northbound 680 south is an easy trip through the valley. 24 minutes to dublin from the altamonte pass and 16 to an 18 minute drive time from the coyote valley north towards the santa clara. good morning to you, george. looking at current conditions right now, it's a chilly start to the morning. yesterday we had 70s by this time, looks like everyone is s itting in the 50s. we have the fog bank to contend with. 58 in downtown san francisco. 57 waking up in san jose. and as we take a look at satellite and radar, you you
5:18 am
can see the cloud cover really impacting everyone. the good news is, it's not low enough, not dense enough where we have issues with visibility, but the cloud cover will linger into the afternoon. now future cast shows where your afternoon highs are going. by 3:00 a.m., 60s, something we haven't seen for quite some time along the coastline and the peninsula. looks like the majority us will be in the 60s and a few 80s around the delta. pushing the clock into the evening. check out the blue indicating the 50s. towing your attention to the afternoon highs, you have plans in the afternoon and what you can count on is 70 and 76 in san jose. could see some low 80s, maybe for livermore.
5:19 am
your forecast, highlights cooler weather ahead. cloudy conditions into the afternoon. and looks like we ramp up the chances for some rainfall starting the next workweek. we're tracking a system off of the coast but could bring some rainfall to the bay area. thank you. 5:19, police have arrested a suspect in connection with a double homicide in vallejo's glenco neighborhood. they found two victims with gunshot wounds. both of them were pronounced dead at the scene. and then they spotted a suspect, they say it was a neighbor of the victims. these two murders are the 12th and 13th homicides in vallejo this year. the family of a high school student who was shot and killed by oakland police are now g etting their first look at the official police report detailing what happened. shot t
5:20 am
may of this year and they say that 18-year-old was pointing a gun at the police at the time and that's why they opened fire. however, the family attorney says there's some questions about the shooting. >> it's pretty clear that no shots were fired, there's no gunshot residue and no evidence that the gun was fired. whoever made that statement was clearly wrong. a statement was released, it says that the release is not intended to address all q uestions and criticisms that
5:21 am
exist. the oakland police department is under criticism for mandates. they're asking for a federal judge to take over the case today. they said that no person is to blame for the lack of reform by the police. >> it's a culture problem not being addressed by the city, by the city administrator, not being addressed by the city council and not addressed by the mayor or the police department. >> he's expected to file court papers asking for a judge to appoint a receiver to take over control of the police department today. a mistrial in a cocaine trial. the jurors in the trial did not reach a unanimous verdict on the charges. they agree he did take cocaine
5:22 am
from the laboratory but didn't prove if she did so on means of deception. >> christopher will be back in the court today. he's accused of kidnapping his young children from south san francisco and trying to escape with them on a stolen yacht last month. the children were reunited with their mother and not harmed. the archbishop is going to be installed in office this afternoon. he was appointed by pope benedict xvi in july. he was arrested far dui in august. watching wall street, the stocks on the rise ahead of the
5:23 am
market opening. but hp getting hammered. i don't spend money on gasoline. i am probably going to the gas station about once a month. last time i was at a gas station was about...i would say... two months ago. i very rarely put gas in my chevy volt. i go to the gas station such a small amount
5:24 am
that i forget how to put gas in my car. [ male announcer ] and it's not just these owners giving the volt high praise. volt received the j.d. power and associates appeal award two years in a row. ♪
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♪ we were skipping stones ♪ and letting go ♪ over the river and down the road ♪ [ female announcer ] at nature valley, we know nature comes together in amazing ways. that's why we bring together natural ingredients, like dark chocolate with toasted oats, or sweet golden honey. perfect combinations of nature's delicious ingredients, from nature valley. ♪ ♪ i was thinking that i hope this never ends ♪ [ female announcer ] nature valley granola bars, nature at its most delicious.
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watching wall street. futures up 47 ahead of the federal reserve releasing their minutes from their last meaning. hp was pounded yesterday after comments from the ceo. coming off of its largest q uarterly lost in the company's history and they're expecting losses around 10% next year and she tries to turn the computer maker around. the unemployment numbers coming out in about 4 minutes. had news about retail sales and looks lake they're pulling back in the month of september. we may see them flatten out a bit. emotional plea for a stolen
5:27 am
puppy. the family, their home was burglarized on monday for a second time in recent months, you can see the damage there. the thieves smashed through the patio door and took jewelry and electronics and made off with the family's six-month-old p uppy. they handed out those flyers like the one we showed you t here. there's a $6000 reward out for finding the puppy. they're posting the flyers in the neighborhood around sharon park avenue in san jose. >> when they broke in this time, they didn't just break in, they took part of our heart. when we came home and found out, the only thing i could think of, how can i tell my ten- year-old? what mother warrants wants to tell their children that part of their life was taken away and i can't do anything about it. >> the dog weighs about 10
5:28 am
pounds. touch bid the news of this t heft, most of the reward money was put up by the san jose police and police officer. the debate is a wrap. highlights about what they said and who came out on top. they managed to clear the quipment blocking the track that could wants for major delays now coming from the east bay and san francisco. even though the problem is c lear, they expect it to continue.
5:29 am
5:30 am
5:31 am
we are tracking news on bart this morning. it was a piece of equipment that was on the tracks. currently they are talking about major delays and that could mean over 30 minutes from the east bay into san francisco and it could affect all east routes app and out to the airport. while those delays may not be major, the delays may persist. good morning. we have some cloud cover to talk about right now. the fog bank back here in the forecast. cooler conditions as we head into the afternoon. we may squeeze out a few low 80s but most locations in the 60s and the 70s. we have the potential for wet
5:32 am
weather as early as this w eekend. we're going to take a quick look at some of the debate last night. the presidential debate, the first one happened and they matched up fairly well. >> there weren't any big giant daggers thrown, it was not overly hostile. romney and obama traded some jabs on how to bring jobs back to america. the candidates talked about where mitt romney would make c uts if he was elected. >> obama care is on my list, i apologize. >> if you repeal obama care, if you repeal it, what happens is those seniors right away are going to pay $600 more in prescription care, the beneficiary is insurance c ompanies that are estimated to
5:33 am
gain billions of dollars back. >> the bay area republicans watching. romney supporters think that their candidates accomplished his goals for the first debate. >> mitt romney has don -- did a fantastic job of making his points and his plans and f airness to every american. >> so the republican watchers at this party last night feel like their candidate came off looking better than the president. so that is our republican side. we also brought you the d emocratic party about 1/2 hour ago. it was a good showing for both sides. >> there will be two more d ebates, the next will be a town
5:34 am
hall style format with an opportunity for those to ask questions of the candidates. it will be a chance for vice president joe biden to go ahead with paul ryan as they hash out some of the policies from both camps. that will be held on o ctober 11th in danville kentucky. stay with us for the latest here on the continuing coverage of 2012. there are upcoming debates, we have more coverage of last n ight's debate on our web site. you can watch it on our web site and we invite you to chime in and share your thoughts. what did you think of it. the blue angels are p racticing over the bay this afternoon. let's get to one of our r eporters live in san francisco looking at a preview to get you ready for the action. >> reporter: good morning. i'm here at pier 3032 and this
5:35 am
is where the u.s. is, it's part of the kickoff today. they're starting a two-day seminar with the remarks, the opening remarks set today on disaster relief. that's part of all of the beginning of the weekend. the blue angels, they will be practicing again later on today around 1:00. it's going to be a very busy weekend throughout the week and throughout the weekend and into monday and this is kind of basically the beginning of headquarters where people can come and view some of the ship and there's going to be ships around the bay area that people can come and visit.
5:36 am
you can watch the fleet week and get a review with the blue a ngels and don't forget, we have the special blue angels show. >> 3:00 p.m. here. a community protest against chevron was held in richmond. you remember we brought the story live as it had huge plumes of smoke into the air and it sent people to the area h ospitals. we have video as marchers took their cause to the gates. up to the front of the refinery. they demanded compensation and the installation of a monitoring system and they say chevron needs to pay its fair share of taxes as well. it's 5:36. when we come back, we'll have more headlines for you, all of the news. here's the san mateo bridge.
5:37 am
problems with bart as we're t alking about delays. if you take bart, he'll have an update coming up. #
5:38 am
5:39 am
5:40 am
major delays out of the east bay into san francisco and down to s fo and from richmond into premont. a piece of equipment was stuck on the tracks for 60 minutes. they're likely to persist for a while and through the morning commute. 5:40 now and the developing story. police are in thing two murders overnight and that marks the 35th and 36th homicide of this year in san jose. live on the scene with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. i'm at the 36th murder on the 2300 block and you can see homicide investigators still behind me. i talked to the victim's
5:41 am
friend. he said it was a birthday barbecue. his 26th birthday. the music was low, they weren't causing any problems. the police believe it is g ang- related. according to the victim's f riend, nobody at the party are gang members. here's what he had to say about the shooting. >> all you hear is about 3-4 g uys outside cooking barbecue running for the house and you hear them saying shots fired. the guy ran into the house and dropped to the floor. i looked out of the window. i didn't see anything. all i told it was gangbangers wearing blue rags on their f aces. those are the ones causing the problems. the person who was killed was an older guy with a kid and a wife that didn't gang bang. >> he asked us not to show his
5:42 am
face for his protection. the fifth murder happened at the university. they don't believe that the two murders are connected to each other. we'll hear more from the v ictim's friend. the time now is 5:42. we'll be right back
5:43 am
5:44 am
5:45 am
the first presidential debate is now history. it was -- president obama and mitt romney trading jabs over several domestic issues and a c nn poll shows that 67% of americans believe that romney won the debate. police are investigating two separate murders that happened in san hoe san jose overnight. it makes 36 homicides this year. the first victim was transported to the hospital and
5:46 am
early this morning and the second was pronounced dead at the scene. we have a live report throughout the morning. fleet week is picking up with a lot going on today an all weekend. the blue angels are practicing. look up over the bay and you'll get that show. live in san francisco with updates throughout the morning on the other things to see this weekend in fleet week. bay area sports with the coliseum, you can hear the fans cheering. for first time all season. the oakland athletics win the division in amazing fashion. they were five games behind texas with nine games left in the regular season. standing room only and the fans are going nuts, up 1-0 until texas lifts them up but the a's respond with 1 run in the fifth
5:47 am
and 4 runs in the 8th. it's the 15th division title in their history. >> it's a great feel parking team that wasn't supposed to do something but come in last p lace, it's great. >> it's terrific. let's go on to the giants now. the giants had their final game of the season now in l.a..
5:48 am
the giants eliminating the dodgers from any possibility the night before. the giants lose 5-1. losing two out of three to the dodgers, that was the only series that the giants lost in the second half of the season. but the big story is catcher buster posey for the giants. he went from missing most of last season to winning the national league battle title. the giants catcher finished with a .336 average. he joins the list that includes mickey mantle. topping the american league with 41 homeruns and 139 runs
5:49 am
batted in. taking a double live look outside, that's the coliseum but the weather outside is pretty decent. we want to get over to the traffic desk and follow the hot spot. as we get better news now from bart about the delays from east bay into downtown san francisco. the richmond-fremont line was delayed this morning up to 20 minutes and will more and trains from the east bay and from bay point heading to san francisco and to sfo also subject to about 20-minute delays. within 1/2 hour, the delays will be gone.
5:50 am
it is possible there will be spotty delays throughout the morning commute. we'll continue to report this as a hot spot for a while until at least those 20-minute delays. 11-minute drive time. for your golden gate bridge r ide, an easy commute. looking at the east bay, u pdating the drive times here, still pretty good. 16 minutes from hercules to berkeley, an 18-minute drive and 20 in the northbound direction. a little bit of slowing a ppearing on 101 northbound. the west valley ride is great
5:51 am
on 85. it's still an easy trip through 101 southbound under 25 minutes. let's go to the weather center. good morning. we have some changes in the forecast, we are contending with a fog bank and have some low clouds, sort of towards the top of the buildings in downtown san francisco. we're cooler than 24 hours ago. mid-50s now. 60s as we take the numbers into the afternoon, you'll notice cooler, we hold onto cloud cover. the clouds lingering along the coastline. we won't have the opportunity to warm things up. the green on your screen for the highs indicates the 60s and looks like the majority will be
5:52 am
sitting comfortably in the 70s. heading into the evening hours, check out the blue that starts in fill in indicating where we see the 50s. turn our attention back to the afternoon highs. another day of 70s in the south bay. we will see mostly sunny skies in the afternoon with 77 on tap for santa clara. 76 in san jose. and we could potentially reach 80. i'm forecasting upper 70s for livemore and castro valley at 69 degrees. speaking of 60s, expect them for berkeley, richmond, downtown san francisco. just step outside, san francisco waterfront partly cloudy, a little bit of fog waking up but into the afternoon looks like the fog
5:53 am
will be out of the picture, we'll see more of a breeze picking up and looks like we'll deep with cool t emperatures, low 60s to m id- 60s at best. that forecast, highlights c hanges into the weekend. why some farming families are growing pink pumpkins this season. looking outside, we're following your thursday f orecast. you heard erika talking about what to except for today and for fleet week. a lot of good weather ahead.
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
pink, the unique color gourds are being grown to raise money for breast cancer r esearch. they bought a special seed from the pink pumpkin patch
5:57 am
foundation. the group in charge for the pumpkins, it's a cross between squash and pumpkin. the longer they stay on the vine, the pinker they get. retailers are selling pink pumpkins this season. if your kid's favorite color is pink, that will be fun this halloween. >> a posh. >> just a pumpkin. >> i guess. >> pumpkin-squash. coming up, the first presidential debate is in the history books. we'll break down what both candidates had to say next. it was one of the oakland a's most amazing wins in franchise history. more on that game and what's to come for the amazing a's. police make an arrest in a double homicide in vallejo. that's coming up. 0ñ@ñ
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